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Yili Health Valley project coiled filter delivery

Device name:wrap filter

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Number of equipment: 32 (multiple splicing)

Shipping Date: April 3, 2022

The procurement of the project officially started in February. After confirming a series of parameters such as air volume, hole size, wind speed requirements, and filtration area of ​​the equipment, after repeated discussions, the winding filter was finally designed to filter dust and small particles in the air. .

This delivery includes32 sets of coiled filters, including 3 sets of 223,000 air volume, 2 sets of 60,000 air volume, 2 sets of 188,000 air volume, 3 sets of 196,000 air volume, 1 set of 36,000 air volume, and 1 set of 47,000 air volume. Equipment frame material: high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, Schneider brand electric, Shengbang special new three-level energy efficiency gear motor, G4 efficiency filter cotton, automatic and manual control system, automatic filter material replacement, reduce waste and improve replacement efficiency.

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