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What is a self-winding air filter:

When the air containing dust passes through the filter, the dust is blocked in the fiber layer of the filter material. When the resistance of the fiber layer increases to the upper limit pressure difference due to the agglomeration of dust, the automatic control system starts the motor, automatically winds and replaces it with Clean the filter material, keep the filter in the normal resistance state, and ensure the continuous normal operation of the ventilation system.

The equipment is a primary air dust removal equipment that uses chemical fiber coil material as the filter medium, and the pressure difference before and after the filter is used as the sensing signal to automatically control and replace the filter material. The filter has the characteristics of simple structure, low investment and convenient use. It can be used in various air intake purification places. The equipment adopts the frame structure of cold-formed steel plate, which is light and firm, easy to transport and assemble. to make. The connection of each component is quick assembly, and the size is easy to change.

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Notes for self-winding air filters:

1. Before the filter is put into operation, it is required to check whether all possible contact surfaces of the filter material on the filter frame are completely free of broken corners, burrs, cracks, etc. to ensure the safe operation of the filter material.

2. The installation of the filter material should be regular, so as not to deviate from the track and ventilate during automatic operation. After the filter material is installed, the pressing bolt of the pressure bar should be adjusted appropriately, so that the filter material is not only limited to a certain extent, but also can slide freely.

3. After replacing the new filter material, observe the initial resistance under normal operating conditions, and adjust the upper and lower resistance limits of the differential pressure gauge in the automatic control box according to the specific situation.

4. The resistance of the differential pressure gauge should be kept at 0-350Pa.

5. When multiple units are used in parallel, the height of the filter, the diameter of the reel shaft, and the specification and length of the filter material are required to be consistent to ensure synchronous operation.



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