The standard self-winding filter purchased by a sewage plant in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The automatic winding filter purchased by a biological company in Beijing has been delivered

The automatic winding filter purchased by a biological company in Beijing, the purchase contract was signed in2021year3In the second half of the month, in order to meet the arrival date and address requested by the customer, we will arrange2021year4moon6Day to complete the delivery.

According to the air volume requirements, material requirements, hole size and other information provided by the customer, an air automatic winding filter is designed for filtration.Purchase contract includes self-winding filter2040W*2380H*550D quantity4Sleeve, self-winding filter1440W*2380H*550D quantity:1Due to the customer’s regional environment and other factors, it is required to install an anti-insect filter at the front end of the air inlet surface, which is easy to replace, and the anti-insect filter is installed on the side. Material: cold plate spraying, automatic and manual control system, bottom with galvanized square tube bracket filter divided into upper and lower sections, customer installation on site.

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