The self-winding filter ordered by Qingyang Town Central Sewage Plant in Jiangsu has been delivered – ECOCPS.COM

The automatic winding filter ordered by the central sewage plant of Qingyang Town, Jiangsu Province was delivered

Equipment name: automatic winding filter

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Number of equipment: 2 sets

Shipping Date: December 7, 2021

Product introduction:

According to the required air volume, hole size, filtration category and other information provided by the customer, the automatic winding filter is designed for filtration. The material of the outer frame: high-quality aluminum alloy material, the control system: automatic and manual control, supporting differential pressure switch, filter material use G3 filter cotton for filter, equipment size: 1200W*2500H*520D 2 sets, supporting installation and fixing accessories.[email protected]” style=”width: 625px; height: 625px;” id=”img_insert_163936643980505092647114329465″ modifysize=”83%” diffpixels=”19px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

Control System:

A differential pressure controller is installed on the air inlet surface of the filter material, and the final resistance of the filter material is preset according to the requirements of the user’s operating environment.

When the pressure difference is greater than the set final resistance, the PLC sends the motor running signal, and the system starts to replace the new material.

The control cabinet is equipped with a preset length of the filter material for each update, and the number of times the entire roll of filter material can be replaced is input into the controller computer chip.

When the motor drives the reel to change the material, the laser grid photoelectric control system installed on the top of the equipment starts to work, recording the length of the filter material to be replaced downward,

And transfer the recorded data to the control cabinetPLC.

When the recorded filter material movement data is the same as the preset data in the computer PLC,PLCImmediately issue a command to stop the motor running.