The second batch of duct-type upper and lower automatic winding air filters for Jingjiang Zhonghuanxin project has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The delivery of the second batch of duct-type upper and lower automatic winding air filters for the Jingjiang Zhonghuanxin project has been completed

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Equipment name: Duct type up and down automatic winding air filter

Equipment air volume:2800070000m3/h

Equipment Quantity:4set

Delivery dates:2021year9moon15day

Product introduction:

According to the information provided by the customer, such as the size of the site opening, the required air volume, and the site mining and other information, the air duct type upper and lower automatic winding filter is designed for filtration. Equipment size:3124W*3450H*2100D 1set Air volume70000m3/h, 2094W*3500H*2100D 2 sets of air volume 45000m3/h, 1904W*2750H*2100D 1 set of air volume 28000m3/h.Material: Stainless SteelSUS 304; Control system: automatic and manual control system.Filter material: special for roller shutter filterG3Filter cotton, with installation and fixing accessories.[email protected]” style=”width: 625px; height: 468px;” id=”img_insert_1632619510238021920664274986845″ modifysize=”32%” diffpixels=”1px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

Duct type self-winding filterIn fact, it is a kind of air dust removal equipment equipped with primary filter material, which realizes the automation of filter material replacement through a complete set of control system.

Ducted self-winding filters are often used in small or low spaces. When the space height is limited, we must strictly consider the effective filtering area to meet the required air volume. The wide and long design of the horizontal automatic winding filter can be installed in a narrow space and can meet the air volume design requirements.

When the automatic winding filter is used to filter harmful particles or irritating gases, when changing the rate of material, the operator has to enter the closed space of harmful dust or irritating gas, which is harmful to the operator.filter box type The new design of the horizontal automatic winding filter, the operator does not need to enter the operation to change the filter material.