The fresh air pretreatment automatic roller shutter filter purchased by Zhoukou Shanan Wastewater Treatment Plant has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The fresh air pretreatment automatic roller shutter filter purchased by Zhoukou Shanan Sewage Plant has been delivered

Equipment name: Fresh air pretreatment automatic roller shutter filter

Number of equipment: 3 sets

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Equipment air volume: 10000 m³/h

Contract signing date: early May 2021

Device Ship Date: June 1, 2021

product description:

According to the information provided by the customer, such as the size of the site opening, the required air volume, and the type of filter material, the automatic winding filter is designed for filtration. Equipment size: 1280W*1700H*520D, equipment material: high-quality aluminum profile, control system: automatic and manual control system, filter cotton: G3 filter cotton for winding filters, with installation and fixing accessories and edge trimming materials.[email protected]” style=”width: 624px; height: 526px;” id=”img_insert_1623128635795033102348414318294″ modifysize=”96%” diffpixels=”23px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

Product Features:

1. Effectively dispose of indoor air pollution, such as dust, to provide cleaner air;

2. Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the air outlet of the air conditioner, and prolong the service life of the equipment;

3. The corresponding standard requirements are met in different grades of clean rooms. If the clean room wants to achieve a certain level of cleanliness, it is necessary to install a primary filter to effectively filter the air entering the room;

4. Dispose of serious dust accumulation in fans, heat exchangers, pipes and other components, and also have the effect of removing peculiar smells.

5. It reduces the participation of replacement personnel, saves labor costs, is simple and saves trouble.