The explosion-proof automatic winding filter ordered by a chemical equipment manufacturing company has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The explosion-proof automatic winding filter ordered by a chemical equipment manufacturing company has been delivered

Equipment name: Explosion-proof automatic winding filter

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Equipment Quantity:1set

Delivery dates:2021year9moon27day

Product introduction:

According to the information provided by the customer, such as the size of the site opening, the required air volume, and the industrial and mining site, the explosion-proof automatic winding filter is designed for filtration. Equipment size:1800W*2700H*530D quantity:1set. Filter frame material: High quality galvanized sheet; Control system: Automatic and manual control system, Motor:380V ExdIIBT4 550W.Filter material: special for winding filterG3filter cotton,Matching accessories.

Galvanized sheet coil filter.png

Self-winding filter Has the following features:

1Small operation and maintenance workloadSince the roll-up filter unit is equipped with filter rolls(15meter length),If according to2mega equipment,This filter roll can be used6-7Second-rate.As long as the set differential pressure resistance reaches,Dirty filter media will roll down. No human monitoring and control is required.

2,Automatic Roller Shutter Filterhigh structural strength,Can adapt to large negative pressure ventilation;

3can continue to work all year round,Minimize downtime;

4,Automatic Roller Shutter Filtertransmission accessories,Drive motors and intelligencePLCControls are strictly required to operate in harsh environments.Therefore, Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) automatic rolling shutter filter with stable quality is to reduce operating costs;
It can be seen that the automatic winding filter is the most important basis for people to choose this equipment!


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