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The duct type purchased by Shandong Bomei YunyangAutomatic roller shutter filtercomplete delivery

Equipment name: Duct type automatic roller shutter filter

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Equipment air volume: 25000m3/h-70000 m3/h

Number of equipment: 4 sets

Device Ship Date: August 17, 2021

Product introduction:

According to the information provided by the customer, such as the size of the opening on the site, the required air volume, the industrial and mining of the site, etc., the automatic roller shutter filter is designed and used for filtration. Equipment size: 4214W*4030H*2200D 3 sets, 2226W*3230H*2200D 1 set. Material: stainless steel SUS 304; no control system, customer self-control. Filter material: G3 filter cotton for roller shutter filter, with installation and fixing accessories and supporting bottom support frame.[email protected]”style=”” id=”img_insert_1629949001740029508382546016865″>

Automatic roller shutter filter is a widely used air filtration equipment, which plays an incomparable role in industrial production. It can capture harmful particles and dust impurities in the air and make the air cleaner. The self-winding filter can effectively ensure the air cleanliness of the working environment. On the one hand, it can ensure the breathing health of workers, and on the other hand, it can reduce the impact of dust particles on product quality and production equipment. Let us learn more about this. air filtration equipment.

Automatic roller shutter filters are mainly used to filter dust particles and air suspensions with a particle size below 0.5 microns, and non-woven fabrics are usually used as filter materials. The non-woven fabric is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fibers, which are structurally incremental and have a good filtering effect. High-efficiency air filters have the advantages of high filtration efficiency, good air circulation, and large dust holding capacity, and are widely used in industries such as biopharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and pcb board production that require relatively high air cleanliness.