The contract for the winding filter box of Jiangsu CIMC’s container painting waste gas treatment project has been completed-ECOCPS.COM

The contract for the winding filter box of Jiangsu CIMC’s container painting waste gas treatment project has been completed

Equipment name: winding filter box

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Number of equipment: 42 sets

Contract signing date: June 1, 2021

Equipment delivery time: batch delivery according to customer requirements


JiangSuCIMCitemtargetvolumearoundModefilterboxMainly used forProduction standardquasi-containerWorkshoprawpaintfog filtering,whereafter treatmentexhaust gasmainforwater and twooxygenchangecarbon,Producepregnancyexhaust gaslow water content, nowill producesmokechimneywhite smokenowelephant.Total number of contracts42set, in which air volume10000m3/h 4cover, air volume15000m3/h 4cover, air volume2000m3/h 19cover, air volume25000m3/h 1cover, air volume30000m3/h 3cover, air volume40000m3/h 5cover, air volume50000m3/h 1cover, air volume70000m3/h 5set.

product description:

rollaroundModefilterboxCommonly used in small or low spaces or filter sections of air duct systems. When the space height is limited, we must strictly consider the effective filter area to meet the required air volume, and try to optimize the effective filter area.rollaroundModefilterboxThe wide and long design can be installed in a narrow space and can meet the air volume design requirements.rollaroundModefilterboxIncluding: main box, new and old filter material boxes, bottom support frame, filter cotton for filter, complete control system, maintenance platform and safety guardrail, instruments and meters of designated brands, etc.