The automatic winding filter ordered by the production and research platform of Grand Pharmaceutical’s medical device has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The automatic winding filter ordered by the medical device production and research platform of Grand Pharmaceuticals has been delivered

Equipment name: automatic winding filter

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Number of equipment: 2 sets (two splicing, upper and lower splicing)

Shipping Date: March 26, 2022

Product introduction:

Self-winding filter dimensions:2700W*3600HDue to the limitation of site space, the filter is divided into upper and lower sections, and the customer is bolted after the goods arrive at the site..Material:2.0mmt Carbon steel paint, motor: Taibang200wGeared motor,Control system: no control system, manual start and stop by button, filter material: special for coiled filterG3Filter cotton, supporting installation fixings.[email protected]”style=”” id=”img_insert_164877410547505392907581598938″>

Order automatic winding filter, determine the required air volume, and design wind speed: this is the primary work for quoting rolling shutter filters, and it is the basis for our staff to rely on the selection and quotation. According to the design requirements of air volume and wind speed, Calculate the suitable automatic rolling shutter filter size according to the calculation formula, and then calculate the filter price. So please customers, don’t tell me how your automatic roller shutter filters are sold and at what price. The price of this non-standard customized equipment depends entirely on the size and requirements, and there is no general price.