The automatic winding filter ordered by Jiangsu Zhengyi Sewage Plant has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The automatic winding filter ordered by Jiangsu Zhengyi Sewage Plant has been delivered

Equipment name: automatic winding filter

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Quantity of equipment: 1 set

Shipping Date: December 28, 2021

Product introduction:

According to the required air volume, hole size, filtration category and other information provided by the customer, the automatic winding filter is designed for filtration. The outer frame material: high-quality aluminum alloy material, control system: control system: Western automatic and manual control system, filter media use Filter special G3 filter cotton, equipment size: 1500W*2000H*520D set, automatically replace the filter cotton, reduce waste and improve efficiency.


*Effectively filter large air particles in the fresh air of the clean room to provide more qualified air into the clean room;

*Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the fresh air outlet of the air conditioner, and prolong the service life of the medium-efficiency high-efficiency filter in the rear section;

*Effectively prevent serious dust accumulation in the blower of sewage treatment plant, and install it at the front of the blower to effectively protect the blower;

*For chemical plants, textile factories, spraying workshops and other air filter systems, perform primary filtration to remove most of the particulate matter and effectively improve the quality of exhaust gas and circulating gas.