The automatic rolling shutter filter purchased by the No. 3 sewage plant in Chuxiong City has been delivered – ECOCPS.COM

The automatic rolling shutter filter purchased by the Third Sewage Plant in Chuxiong City was delivered

Device name:Automatic roller shutter filter

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Number of equipment: 2 sets

Equipment air volume: 14000 m³/h

Device Ship Date: July 28, 2021

Product introduction:

According to the information provided by the customer, such as the size of the site opening, the required air volume, and the industrial and mining site, the flameproof automatic rolling shutter filter is designed and used for fresh air inlet pretreatment. Equipment size: 1840W*1620H*520D 2 sets, equipment material: high-quality aluminum profile frame, control system: automatic and manual control system, filter cotton: G3 filter cotton for winding filters, with installation and fixing accessories.Rolling shutter filter.jpg[email protected]” style=”width: 625px; height: 625px;” id=”img_insert_162795295808306577487400170801″ modifysize=”83%” diffpixels=”19px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

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