The automatic rolling shutter filter ordered by an integrated circuit company in Wuhan, Hubei has been delivered-ECOCPS.COM

The automatic rolling shutter filter ordered by an integrated circuit company in Wuhan, Hubei completed the delivery

Device Name: Automatic Rolling Shutter Filter

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Number of equipment: 8 sets (two spliced ​​up and down)

Shipping Date: April 28, 2022

Product introduction:

Automatic Roller Shutter Filtersize:4480W*4452H*650D 8Set, air volume:120000 m³/hMaterial:2.0mmtCold plate paint, motor: 380V 200WGeared integrated motor,Filter material: special for coiled filterG3Filter cotton, supporting fixed installation accessories, top sealing plate and other materials.[email protected]”style=”” id=”img_insert_165179972595707447749204150529″>

Project Description:

The automatic roller shutter filter of this project is the second batch purchase, and the contract was signed on2022year1In the second half of the month, the number of contract purchases30set, the first purchase is2020year4moon.The original planned delivery date was2022year2In the second half of the month, due to the impact of the epidemic situation after the year, the construction progress was delayed. In order to meet the customer’s arrival date, the equipment was temporarily placed in our warehouse after the production was completed. After receiving the delivery plan, the whole vehicle will be shipped immediately, so as to meet the customer’s needs. Arrival requirements and delivery requirements during the epidemic.

Nanjing ECO Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of automatic roller shutter air filters and purification products for the cleaning industry.clean room equipment fromClass1-100,000All have rich achievementsTFTOptoelectronics, biology, biochemistry, food, optics, medicine, school research units and other industries.


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