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The automatic roller shutter filter ordered by Wuxi Chengbei Sewage Plant has been delivered

Equipment name: automatic rolling shutter filter

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Number of equipment: 2 sets

Shipping Date: November 4, 2021

Product introduction:

According to the required air volume, hole size, cost budget and other information provided by the customer, the automatic winding air filter is designed for filtration, the outer frame material: aluminum alloy material, the control system: automatic and manual control, reserved filter material to alert the motor failure Alarm, supporting differential pressure switch, special filter for filter materialG3Filter cotton, equipment size:2000W*4000H*520D 2Due to the limitation of the height of the equipment, it can be installed by splicing the upper and lower parts together, and the fixing accessories can be installed together to automatically replace the filter cotton, which saves costs and reduces waste.

device is filtering10μmThe above dust is generally installed at the front end of the medium-efficiency and high-efficiency filters to play a protective role, and there are also primary filtration for dust collection in industries with relatively large dust. The quality is still good.

Material of primary filter: stainless steel, aluminum profile, carbon steel, etc.;

Filter material: non-woven fabric, glass fiber, filter cotton, etc.

The junior high-efficiency filter is woven from man-made fibers, and the outer frame is an aluminum profile frame. Under normal circumstances, there will be no development of damage, and it can effectively filter dust, particles, hair, etc.

(1)Low initial resistance and final resistance;

(2)Reasonable structure and stable filtration efficiency;

(3)Easy to install and replace.

The fan sends fresh air into the room, and discharges the indoor polluted air that does not meet the hygienic requirements, so that the indoor air meets the relevant hygienic requirements and production needs. Let the staff have a good working environment.