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The automatic roller shutter air filter purchased by Danyang Shicheng Sewage Plant has been delivered

Danyang Shicheng Wastewater Treatment PlantThe purchased automatic roller shutter air filter, the contract was signed in mid-April 2021, due to the progress of the customer’s construction site, the arrival date required by the customer was May 21, 2021, and the arrival time was completed according to the customer’s request. .[email protected]” style=”width: 624px; height: 624px;” id=”img_insert_162191382177005842267621137136″ modifysize=”83%” diffpixels=”18px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

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According to the required air volume, filter type, hole size, surrounding environment and other information provided by the customer, the automatic rolling shutter air filter is designed and used for filtration. Automatic rolling shutter filter air volume: 7200 m³/h; equipment quantity: 2 sets. Main material of equipment frame: aluminum profile; PLC differential pressure automatic and manual control. Control system: automatic and manual control; filter cotton: G3 filter cotton for roller shutter filters.

The working principle of automatic rolling shutter filter products:

Manually press the button switch on the device (when multiple units are spliced) or the “ENT” key on the control screen on the electric control box, the motor will start immediately, and the scroll at the bottom will scroll the filter material downward, and it will stop when you press it again. .

Automatically, press the “SET” button on the control panel on the electric control box, and the device enters the automatic mode.


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