Tender Rules for Automatic Winding Filters for Wastewater Plants – ECOCPS.COM

Automatic roller shutter filter Automatic roller shutter filter should be provided according to the size of the opening of the air inlet corridor of the blower room. The automatic roller shutter filter should use special non-woven fabric as the filter medium, and use the pressure difference signal before and after the filter to control the automatic replacement of the filter material, without judgement. The automatic rolling shutter filter needs to adopt a flat structure to increase the effective filtering area.

Parameter requirements:
Filtration efficiency class: European air filter G3/G4 standard
Dust holding value: ≥200g/m2
Ambient temperature: -20~50 oC, relative humidity 50~90 % The control cabinet should have the following functions (not limited to this): power indication, time setting, differential pressure switch,
Filter material alarm indication. All buttons and indicator lights are equipped with Chinese and English signs, green for stop, red for running, yellow for fault, white for power indication, etc.
The filter material needs to have good comprehensive ventilation and dust removal performance, low resistance, high strength, good temperature resistance and chemical stability, and non-toxic, odorless, and non-volatile.
The automatic roller shutter filter frame should be made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

self-winding filter

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