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The structure of the clean room

NanjingA clean shed is a device used for local air purification. Mainly composed of frame, sealing material,FFU and high efficiency, lighting, control composition.

The frame is the skeleton that supports the entire clean shed. According to the material, there are paint pipes, stainless steel pipes and aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are the most common, and stainless steel is mostly used to produce special products. If there are corrosive places, the cost is also the highest.

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The sealing material is used for the sealing of clean sheds. According to the installation position, it is divided into top sealing material, side sealing material and inlet and outlet sealing material. According to the material: grid curtain, acrylic glass, aluminum-plastic panel,PVC curtains (soft curtains). The mesh curtain is antistatic, and it is divided into two types: transparent and black according to the purpose; acrylic glass is transparent, and there are two kinds of antistatic and non-antistatic. Antistatic undoubtedly avoids the damage of static electricity to the product, but the cost is lower Not antistatic higher. The mesh curtain is only used for the side, the aluminum-plastic panel is only used for the top, the PVC curtain is only used for the entrance and exit, and the acrylic glass side and top are all available.

FFU is the air supply equipment to ensure the positive pressure inside the clean shed. The standard size is 1175L*575W (mm). Other sizes such as 1175*1175 are available for special requirements of large air volume or high wind speed. The air supply volume of the FFU is adjustable. You can adjust the speed control knob at the junction box of the FFU according to your needs to select the appropriate air speed. As the use time becomes longer, increase the wind speed to ensure the stability of the actual air output. The high-efficiency filter is used with the FFU, and the length and width are slightly smaller than the FFU.

The surrounding and top are sealed, especially when the top is made of aluminum-plastic panels and the black mesh curtain is used on the side, the internal light is very dark, and it is necessary to increase the lighting inside. Common lighting lamps can be used.

Control is to control the entire clean room work.Divided into electric control box, control power supply; button box, controlFFU start and light switch.