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Brief description of the structure of standard automatic winding filter

It is a kind of air dust removal equipment that uses chemical fiber filter material as filter medium and takes the differential pressure before and after the filter as the sensing signal to automatically control and replace the filter material. The filter has a simple structure.,It has the advantages of low investment and convenient use, and can be used in various air intake purification places.

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The equipment adopts the frame structure of cold-rolled steel plate, which is light and reliable. The whole filter is composed of upper box, lower box, column, retaining bar, pressing bar, transmission mechanism, control element and filter material. The parts are assembled.

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The standard self-winding scope of supply includes:

The main body of the equipment: the skeleton of the equipment, including the upper box, the lower box, the column, the retaining bar, and the pressing bar.

Transmission part: reducer,SEWmotor

Control part: SiemensLOGO PLCControl, differential pressure switch.

Equipment accessories: equipment electronic components, filter materials, etc.