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Nanjing ECO(Tel+86-13813931455(Wechat/WhatsApp)) Introduction of Air Shower

Product introduction

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The air shower room is a device that purifies the human body and prevents the polluted air from entering the clean area. It uses high-speed clean air to remove dust particles on the clothing or material surface of the personnel. At the same time, it also acts as an airlock to prevent the pollution of outdoor air to the clean room or low-level to high-level clean room.

The L-shaped corner type is suitable for the clean room and the buffer area that are not in the same straight line. L-shaped connection is required, which can save space, make the walking route smoother, and improve the traffic efficiency.

Product Features:

The air in the air shower is pressed into the static pressure box by the fan through the primary filter, purified by the high-efficiency filter, and ejected from the nozzle at a high speed, thereby blowing off the dust attached to the surface of the person and the carried items, preventing unpurified air. Enter the decontamination area.

Product Features:

*Rugged construction for easy installation
*The PLC control system is stable and efficient. If there is a power failure, the air shower door will be automatically unlocked
*Initial high-efficiency two-stage filtration, high-efficiency efficiency up to 99.99% efficiency@0.3um

*High wind speed 360 degree adjustable stainless steel nozzle

*Easy-to-replace primary and high-efficiency units

*Equipped with special purification lamp for clean room
*Adjustable shower time (10-99 seconds)

*With German brand door closer

*Reliable interlock function
*Equipped with emergency stop button