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Nanjing ECO(Tel+86-13813931455(Wechat/WhatsApp)) Winding filter filter cotton air filter filter cotton roller shutter filter cotton

Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) is a special filter material for automatic winding filter, which is made of organic synthetic fiber or glass fiber by compression and coiling. The back of the filter material has a strong woven mesh, which is not easy to deform. ; The super elastic fiber structure will not compress the filter material together due to the large wind resistance and affect the use.

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The filter cotton is sprayed with a special adhesive, which further strengthens the ash trapping ability; it can withstand high temperature, the filter cotton has a long life, and does not need to be replaced frequently, which reduces the cost.

Available for filter equipment:

1. Automaticwrap filter

2. AutomaticRoller filter

3. Handverb: movewrap filter

4. Manual roller shutter filter

5. Explosion-proof roller shutter filter

6. Duct type winding filter

7. Horizontal roller shutter filter, etc.

technical parameter:

1. Weight 260sqm/gram

2. The average weighing efficiency is 85-90%

3. Initial resistance 80Pa (±30%)@2.5~10m/s 

4. Recommended heavy resistance 200-250Pa

5. Dust holding capacity 350g/m2

6. Temperature resistance 80ºC

7. Moisture resistance 100%


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