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Brief introduction of technical parameters of self-winding air filter

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1. Scope of supply

Loading box, blocking bar, pressing bar, unloading box, geared motor 380v, electric control cabinet, differential pressure switch, a roll of special filter material.

2. Technical parameters:

1. Equipment size: customized according to customer requirements

2. Handling air volume: 5000m�0�6/h-10000m�0�6/h

3. The size of the filter hole: determined according to the construction site

4. Filtration speed: 1.2m/s

5. When the filtration speed V=1.5~2.5m/s, the initial resistance of the filter material is about 70pa, and the filtration efficiency is: G3

6. Motor power: 100W/200W/400W

7. Filter control principle:

A. Manual control: applied when the filter material is replaced.

B. Automatic control: Relying on the differential pressure value before and after filtering set by the inlet differential pressure switch, the differential pressure value is set to 150-350Pa, and the filter material can be replaced or set on site according to customer needs to realize the update and stop of the filter material. The control box adopts domestic (Chint) electrical components, and is equipped with a buzzer to alarm. The operator hears the alarm and comes to replace the filter material.And reserve passive dry contacts for motor failure and filter media exhaustion alarms, which can be used to monitor the operating status of the equipment by going to the central control room last time.

8. Box material: cold plate forming spray + aluminum profile frame/stainless steel frame/carbon steel frame.


3. Product requirements:

1. The control circuit adopts 380V, 50HZ power supply.

2. The control box is equipped with a buzzer alarm, and the operator hears the alarm prompt to come to replace the filter material

3. The control box reserves passive dry contacts for motor failure and filter material exhaustion alarms, which can be sent to the central control room last time to monitor the running status of the equipment

4. The winding filter is equipped with a differential pressure switch (Dwyer, USA), which can be set on-site to update the resistance differential pressure value of the filter material.

4. Equipment installation location: On the side of the air inlet corridor.