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Explosion-proof self-winding filter

The automatic winding filter is actually a kind of air dust removal equipment equipped with primary filter material. It realizes the automation of filter material replacement through a complete set of control system.

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Complies with explosion-proof grade Eexd IIBT4

Ex Explosion-proof general mark ib-class intrinsically safe type II factory explosion-proof equipment B Applicable occasions Flammable and explosive gas is B-type gas (including A-type gas) T4 The maximum surface temperature of the equipment does not exceed 135 degrees


1. Effectively dispose of indoor air pollution, such as dust, to provide cleaner air;

2. Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the air outlet of the air conditioner, and prolong the service life of the equipment;

3. The corresponding standard requirements are met in different grades of clean rooms. If the clean room wants to achieve a certain level of cleanliness, it is necessary to install a primary filter to effectively filter the air entering the room;

4. Dispose of serious dust accumulation in fans, heat exchangers, pipes and other components, and also have the effect of removing peculiar smells.

5. It reduces the participation of replacement personnel, saves labor costs, is simple and saves trouble


*Sturdy structure, can meet the harshest working environment *Intelligent filter material replacement system, effectively save energy and reduce costs *Modular design can meet any type of system design and installation requirements *Low, medium and high-end materials and configuration options , to meet the differentiated needs of customers

Material: cold-rolled plate spraying, aluminum profile or SUS 304 Control: manual, time/pressure difference control, photoelectric control, PLC control Filter material: special mesh filter material, G3, G4 (EN779) efficiency It needs to be powered on to operate. If the installation space is limited on site, it can be packaged and shipped in bulk, and the goods can be flexibly assembled and formed on site.


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