Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) completed the delivery of the fourth batch of stainless steel self-winding filters for an air conditioning company in Zhangjiagang- ECOCPS.COM

Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) completed the delivery of the fourth batch of self-winding filters to an Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. in Zhangjiagang

After communication and coordination with the customer, a formal purchase contract was signed in mid-June 2019. The contract includes three types of stainless steel self-winding filters, a total of 216 units. According to the delivery date and quantity required by the customer, the Three batches of deliveries will be completed in mid-July, August and September 2019, and the fourth batch will be delivered in mid-October 2019.

According to the hole size, air volume demand, material demand, budget cost and other information provided by customers, our company designs and uses automatic winding filters for filtration. The filter sizes are 1850*2300*650, 1550*2300*650, 1550* 1900*650, using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, PLC automatic/manual control system, reserved motor thermal overload, filter material exhausted alarm buzzer, electric control cabinet is provided separately, and moved to the outside of the air-conditioning box for detection and monitoring, use The special G3 filter cotton for filters saves costs, reduces energy consumption and avoids waste.

The actual product pictures are as follows:[email protected]” scalingmode=”zoom” diffpixels=”6px” modifysize=”48%” filesize=”255531″ naturalW=”1315″ naturalH=”568″>

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