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Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) company’s total delivery summary of automatic winding filters in December 2019

December 2019Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) Companytotal productionSelf-winding filter108 pieces, all of which have been delivered.

Customers are mainly distributed in Shanxi, Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Shandong, Xinjiang, Liaoning and other regions,

Filtration categories mainly include: the front end of the blower in the sewage treatment plant filters foreign objects in the air to avoid the accumulation of dust in the equipment, the inlet and outlet of the air conditioner box filters the dust, reduces the accumulation of dust, and improves the service life of the equipment. Clean workshop, improve the quality of fresh air, and meet the control of dust fall in the clean workshop.

HICLOVER is growing brand for environmental protection field, and market share with most of Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia countries and part of North America, Europe territory. We are trusted partner for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. We have export experience more than 40 countries, including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan. Mobile: +86-13813931455(WhatsApp) Website: Email: Email:

The main materials of the frame are divided into: high-quality aluminum profiles, stainless steel materials, carbon steel painting, etc.Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) Companyall producedSelf-winding filteraccording to the needs of customers, equipped with automatic and manual control systems, with adjustment parameter control panel, Taibang geared motor, special G3 fiber filter material, special pressure switch for Dwyer in the United States, and can also be equipped with rain-proof shutters and fixed installation according to customer needs. Auxiliary materials, bottom brackets and other accessories.

Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)) Technology Development Co., a professional production integrating design, manufacturing, sales and after-salesSelf-winding filterThe company was established in 2009 and has 10 years of experience in producing automatic winding filters. Customers are welcome to come to consult and buy!

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