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Many people don’t know what a scroll filter is?Why you need a roll-on filter?where to use?

We often receive inquiries about how scroll filters work.So here we hope to explain and introduce some relevant knowledge and operation principles of automatic scroll filter to you.,Hope it can bring some help and inspiration![email protected]” style=”width: 624px; height: 624px;” id=”img_insert_162216489910408400736762014231″ modifysize=”83%” diffpixels=”18px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

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Automatic roller filters are collectively referred to as automatic roller shutter filters and are widely used in various industrial fields such as electronics factories,Sewage treatment plant,chemical plant,All kinds of fresh air filter air conditioning units,Painting industry and industries that require primary filtration requirements.

Since automatic scroll filters are widely used in various industries,then its composition and frame must be strong,Lightweight, robust and easy to transport and install in the field.

Automatic scroll filter can be divided into upper filter box(new filter),Lower box mechanism,column frame,Grilles and chute,Transmission mechanism,It is composed of intelligent control system and filter material.


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