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Ecolead Nanjing ECO Pipe Type Automatic Winding Filter

In response to the needs of our customers, our company has launched an upgraded pipe automatic winding type air filter with its own adaptor diameter and flange port, which is convenient for front and rear connection with blowers, air conditioning units, humidifiers, mufflers, etc., avoiding the need for customers The problem that the on-site installation cannot be fixed after the coiled filter is purchased separately.

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l Duct type housing + vertical winding filter

Often used in environments where space is not limited

l Duct type housing + horizontal winding filter

Horizontal self-winding filters are often used in small or low spaces. When the space height is limited, we must strictly consider the effective filtering area to meet the required air volume. The wide and long design of the horizontal automatic winding filter can be installed in a narrow space and can meet the air volume design requirements.

When the automatic winding filter is used to filter harmful particles or irritating gases, when changing the rate of material, the operator has to enter the closed space of harmful dust or irritating gas, which is harmful to the operator.Through the patented design of the filter box type horizontal automatic winding filter, the operator does not need to enter the operation to replace the filter material, which is very safe and convenient


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