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Product introduction

The clean shed is the fastest and easiest to build a simple clean room, with industrial aluminum (or stainless steel, cold plate square pass) as the frame, using its own fan filter unit (FFU) to supply air,

Surrounded by anti-static soft curtains (or tempered glass or PC board), the internal purification level can reach 100 to 100,000.

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It is suitable for local areas in the workshop that require high cleanliness, such as assembly line operation areas and high-precision product assembly areas.

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The fan inhales the air from the top of the FFU, and after initial and high-efficiency filtration, the filtered clean air is sent to the clean shed at a uniform speed on the air outlet surface to form a uniform flow layer, and the air flow is a one-way flow.

Thereby ensuring the safety of the cleanliness required in the work area.

Product characteristics

*Assembled structure design: easy installation, low requirements for entrance and indoor space

*Low cost, fast construction, reusable

*Easy to move, can be equipped with universal wheels

*Large internal effective operating space


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