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In the daily sales work, a large number of customers are not sure about the installation of roller shutter filters. They often prefer to pay our company personnel to install them rather than install them themselves. However, based on the interests of customers, the roller shutter filters are distributed nationwide. Everywhere, travel costs are too high, and it is not worth it for us to install roller shutter filters. Now the editor has sorted out the installation precautions of the roller shutter filter for customers’ reference:

Automatic Roller Shutter Filter

Briefly speaking, when installing the self-winding filter, you need to pay attention to the three main points of air inlet direction, stability and sealing:

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Inlet direction:

It refers to installing the automatic winding filter in the correct airflow direction according to the site requirements, so as to ensure the filtration efficiency of the filter material. If the on-site situation is opposite, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the air inlet and outlet of the filter cotton can be reversed. After the installation is completed, check whether the air inlet and outlet directions of the differential pressure switch air pipes are consistent with the installation direction. Otherwise, it is very easy to have the situation that the pressure difference does not work. I once received a consultation call from a customer, and the installed rolling shutter filter has not been rolled up for half a year. Later, under the guidance of our technical staff, it was concluded that the reason was that the airflow direction was wrong during installation, and the pressure difference could not be reached. effect, resulting in the entire control system not working properly.


It is well known that the installation should be stable. The self-winding filter can stand naturally. Use its own weight to connect the wall and the frame of the self-winding filter with connecting parts such as angle steel on both sides and the top. Expansion screws or anchor screws are also used to fix the bottom frame and the ground. Get up and achieve the purpose of stability and solidity.


The seal after installation is an indispensable link. After the installation is completed, there may be gaps between the outer frame of the automatic winding filter and the wall where it is fixed. Some may be bright to the naked eye, and some may not be visible to the naked eye, but the airflow can pass through. Sealing silicone and foaming agent must be used. After blocking, large gaps are covered with profiles or bent plates, and small seals can be filled directly with glue.

After the above work is completed, it can be counted as the actual installation of the roller shutter filter. I hope that after reading it, you will understand the installation of rolling shutter filters.


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