Media Change Frequency for ECO Self-Wrap Filters – ECOCPS.COM

The frequency of filter material replacement for the self-winding filter is as follows:

1. It varies from region to region. The pollution in the north is more serious than that in the south, because the vegetation in the north is less green, and the speed of filter replacement will be faster if the pollution is serious. For example, in winter in Shijiazhuang, the filter material of the automatic winding filter will be wound once a week or so, and the 15-meter-long filter cotton of the 3-meter-high automatic winding filter needs to be replaced in more than a month. , It is only wound once a month, and the whole volume can be used for more than half a year. differ greatly.[email protected]” style=”width: 625px; height: 833px;” id=”img_insert_165042003831707010616646099783″ modifysize=”41%” diffpixels=”4px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

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2, due to different seasons. In winter, the pollution is more serious than in summer. In summer, because of more precipitation and more water vapor content in the air than in winter, a large amount of dust is sent back to the ground, and the air quality is better. Also, summers are not as cold and dry as winters, with less dust. Therefore, the filter material can be used longer in summer.

3. In addition, the environmental conditions of local areas will also affect. For example, there are large local coal metallurgy enterprises or long-term civil construction projects, which will cause the PM2.5 value to be too high and the main pollutant in the air – dust to increase. In this way, the time used by the filter cotton will naturally be different between the two adjacent places.

4. In addition, the time of filter material replacement is also related to the value set by the differential pressure switch. The factory setting value of our company is 100~150Pa. The filter cotton of 100Pa takes a shorter time than that of 150Pa, which should be adjusted according to the needs of the owner.