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Brief introduction of special filter material for Nanjing ECO wound filter

Product Features:

1. The automatic roller shutter filter cotton is made of organic synthetic fibers or glass fibers by compression and winding. The back of the filter material has a strong woven mesh, which is not easy to deform; the super elastic fiber structure will not compress the filter material due to large wind resistance. together affect the dust holding capacity;

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2. The filter cotton is sprayed with a special adhesive, which further strengthens the ability to catch ash;

3. It can withstand temperature up to 120°C, and the filter cotton has a long service life, and it does not need to be replaced frequently to reduce the cost;

technical parameter:




Wind speed (m/s)

Average weighing efficiency (EN779)

Initial resistance (pa)

Final resistance (pa)

Dust holding capacity (g/m2)

filter level

Standard size (m)


synthetic fiber








2x20m, 1x20m


glass fiber








Replacement Notes:

1. For the sake of life safety and equipment maintenance, two people are required to cooperate with each other when replacing the filter material to avoid the situation that the filter material is tilted during winding;

2. When pressing the door lock, you need to hold the new filter box by hand to prevent it from falling suddenly;

3. When replacing the filter material, pay attention to the winding direction, from the left side, it is wound down counterclockwise, see the previous figure;

4. Before the new filter material passes through the upper filter material adjustment tube, the filter material must pass under the compression frame of the square tube, see the previous figure;

5. When replacing the filter material, it needs to be pulled down at a constant speed and slowly;

6. Regularly check the transmission part, adjust the large and small sprockets so that they are on the same working plane, and regularly give the chain