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There are types of filters, such as air filters, liquid filters, etc., which are used to filter different substances. The filter can effectively filter out toxic and harmful substances to avoid harm to the human body. Today, we will give you a detailed explanation of the principle of rolling shutter air filter. let us see.

Rolling curtain air filter is an air pre-filtering and dust removal equipment that uses special chemical fiber as the filter medium and the filter pressure difference as the sensing signal to automatically control and replace the filter material. The automatic roller shutter air filter adopts chemical fiber filter material. Thickness 8-20mm. The main raw material of the filter material is polyester fiber. The structural morphology is mostly arranged in a density gradient. The invention has the characteristics of good ventilation and dust removal comprehensive performance, high strength, good temperature resistance and good chemical stability. Non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile, non-irritating to the skin, easy to operate.

Automatic rolling shutter filter, also known as automatic winding air filter, is a new type of air filtration equipment developed and absorbed by domestic and foreign engineers and technicians. Automatic roller shutter air filters are a breakthrough in the field of traditional filters. It is an air dust removal device that converts the pressure difference before and after the filter into a sensing electrical signal, and the filter material is automatically replaced.

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The automatic roller shutter air filter adopts carbon steel spraying, aluminum alloy or stainless steel frame structure, which is sturdy and reliable, and is easy to transport and assemble. The whole filter is composed of upper box, lower box, upright column, blocking column, pressing column, transmission mechanism, control element and filter material. The automatic rolling shutter air filter control system adopts photoelectric control system and PLC control to precisely control the winding length of the filter material and save the filter material during operation. The automatic rolling shutter air filter controller has a “manual” and “automatic” selection switch, which is convenient for users to choose the control method.

Roller-curtain automatic filter, bag filter and plate filter can form a multi-stage filter assembly, and the filter accuracy can reach ≤ 1μM. In the ventilation fields such as electronics, sewage treatment, power plant, coal mine ventilation, subway ventilation, and civil air defense engineering, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low investment, convenient processing and use, and the like. It is suitable for all kinds of air intake purification places, especially for air purification of large air volume and low pressure air intake system. When dust-laden air passes through a layer of fibrous filter material, the dust is trapped in the fibrous layer. When the resistance of the fiber layer increases due to the accumulation of dust, the automatic control device starts the motor and automatically rolls to replace the clean filter material. The filter always maintains a normal resistance state to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system.


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