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Brief introduction of clean shed products

The clean shed is the most convenient simple clean room to build. It is made of industrial aluminum.(Or stainless steel, cold plate square pass)make frame,Adopt self-contained fan filter unit(FFU)air supply,Anti-static soft curtain all around(or tempered glass orPCplate)fence,The internal purification level can reach 100 to 100,000.

Suitable for local areas in the workshop that require high cleanliness,Such as the assembly line work area,High-precision product assembly area.

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working principle

The fan moves the air fromFFUThe top is inhaled, and after initial and high-efficiency filtration, the filtered clean air is sent to the clean shed at a constant speed on the air outlet surface to form a uniform flow layer, and the air flow is one-way flow.Thereby ensuring the safety of the cleanliness required in the work area.