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Automatic rolling shutter filter, also known as active winding air filter, is a new type of air filtration equipment newly launched by engineers and technicians after a long period of research and development and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. The active roller shutter air filter is a breakthrough in the field of traditional filters. It is an air dust removal device that converts the pressure difference before and after the filter into a sensing electrical signal and automatically replaces the filter material.

The working principle of automatic rolling shutter filter:

1. The new filter material is installed in the feeding box. When the air inlet of the air conditioner carries high-concentration dust-laden air through the coiled filter, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter increases gradually with the increase of dust filtering.

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2. When the filter resistance rises to the set final resistance value, the differential pressure switch starts to act.

3. After the controller receives the working signal, it immediately turns on the motor power and starts the motor actively.

4. The operation of the motor drives the reel in the unloading box to rotate, so as to roll up the dirty filter material and replace the filter section with clean filter material.

5. The displacement of the filter material is controlled by the grating distance. When the filter material works to the preset length in the controller, the controller will give a signal to the motor, disconnect the power supply, and the motor will stop working.

6. There is no need for personnel to go to the top of the equipment to replace the filter material, and can be replaced by the support slideway cooperation linkage equipment.

The automatic roller shutter air filter adopts special covering mesh filter material, and its structure is mostly arranged in a density gradient combination. Volatile and easy to operate.