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ECO various materials high efficiency filter

The initial resistance of the high-efficiency filter section under the design air volume≤250Pa;

The structure should be firm and should be able to withstand 3000Pa pressure. When the air tightness test pressure is 3000Pa, the pressure drop does not exceed 2.5% (75Pa);

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The whole should be easy to install, reliable in sealing and convenient for maintenance;

High-efficiency filtration, in-situ leak detection system and in-situ disinfection section box .[email protected]” style=”width: 624px; height: 624px;” id=”img_insert_1652158500759004371749621043586″ modifysize=”83%” diffpixels=”18px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

304Stainless steel material;

The structure of the box is suitable for the overall requirements;

HEPA filter efficiency: in line with EuropeEN1822standardH13Filtration efficiency class.For particle size0.3μmof particles, filtration efficiency>99.95%;

The sealing method between the filter and the box body is a mechanical compression seal. A high-efficiency filter replacement air tightness test device is required for leak testing between the filter element and the box.exist2000Pa(200mmwater column)Allowable leakage under positive pressure (according toDIN 1946,Part IV) shall not exceed the rated air volume0.003%. The schematic diagram and method of air tightness testing shall be provided.

In-situ disinfection interface: There is an interface that can be quickly and airtightly connected to the internationally accepted standard disinfection equipment.

Filter resistance detection:The high-efficiency filter section on the system should have a local resistance display device.

The pressure gauge pipeline should be equipped with a high-efficiency filter.

Filter in-situ leak detection system:Filter leak detection should be a manual scan. The sampling method is the row average sampling method.

There should be a separate aerosol injection port upstream of the high-efficiency filter section in the system, and a sampling port should be provided downstream, and all injection ports and sampling ports should have air-tight quick-connect bolts .