ECO Company Self-winding Air Filter Components Introduction – ECOCPS.COM

Introduction to the components of ECO’s self-winding air filter

1,Device Description

The air filter should have a vertical rectangular frame with a replaceable filter cloth shaft driven by a motor gearbox. The filter cloth should gradually span from the top of the frame to the bottom of the frame in a non-rolled state, and filter the dust out of it when the air passes through the filter cloth. Each air filter is provided with an on-site control cabinet.

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2. Design and structure

The outer frame of the equipment is made of stainless steel/aluminum alloy/carbon steel. The overall filter consists of an upper box, a column, a baffle, a pressure bar, a transmission mechanism, a control box and a filter material.

3. Control principle

This equipment has two control modes: ① Manual control mode: the user can press the motor start switch at any time to replace the filter material according to the on-site situation. ②Use the differential pressure switch control method to automatically control the replacement of filter materials.

4. Drive motor

The drive motor should be suitable for380V,3Mutually,50Hzpower supply.Protection levelIP54.Insulation class isFclass.