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One of the preparatory work: determine the required air volume and design wind speed: this is the primary work for the quotation of rolling shutter filters, and it is the basis for our staff to rely on the selection and quotation. We will follow the calculation formula according to the design requirements of air volume and wind speed. Calculate the suitable automatic rolling shutter filter size, and then calculate the filter price. So please customers, don’t tell me how your automatic roller shutter filters are sold and at what price. The price of this non-standard customized equipment depends entirely on the size and requirements, and there is no general price.

Preparation work 2: Determine the input power supply on site: The input power supply has little impact on the price, but it affects the motor equipment ordered. If the motor is not required to be three-phase or single-phase, we will supply it according to the standard three-phase matching. If the site conditions are limited, there is no three-phase power supply, and special wiring is required, it will not be a waste of manpower and material resources, and the gains will outweigh the losses.

The third preparation: determine whether there are corrosive gases and substances on site: the filter medium situation on site determines the material selection of our automatic roller shutter filter. In ordinary environment, we only need to use the material of cold-rolled steel plate baking paint. For the medium with corrosive gas, we will recommend customers to choose stainless steel SUS304 for the whole machine. As for some special environments, such as the heavy salt spray at the seaside, we will use SUS316 stainless steel. If the anti-corrosion level is high, even the outer casing of the motor is also made of SUS316 material. The switch casing, pipe fittings, bolts, etc. will be strictly treated.

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Preparation 4: Determine whether there are flammable and explosive gases and substances on site: If there are flammable and explosive gases on the site, there is a danger of explosion, we will recommend customers to choose explosion-proof treatment of the whole machine, supporting professional explosion-proof motors and explosion-proof electric control boxes , Explosion-proof wiring measures are handled, and the potential hazards of explosive gases are strictly reduced to a low level. Our company has successfully mass-produced explosion-proof roller shutter air filters in chemical plants and waste gas treatment industries.


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