Control principle of automatic roller shutter air filter

Control principle of automatic rolling shutter air filterNanjing ECO(Tel +86-13813931455(Wechat/WhatsApp))Ecolead

Here we will introduce the control principle of the automatic winding filter of Nanjing ECO (Tel +86-13813931455 (Wechat/WhatsApp)).

Manually press the button switch on the device (when multiple units are spliced) or the control screen on the electric control box“ENT”Press the key, the motor starts immediately, the scroll at the bottom scrolls the filter material downward, and press it again to stop.Automatically press the control screen on the electric control box“SET”key, the device enters automatic mode.

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When the effective filter cotton becomes more and more dirty, its permeability is getting worse and worse, and the gas pressure difference between the air inlet and outlet of the filter cotton is getting bigger and bigger. When it reaches the set value, the air switch will act.PLCAfter receiving the signal, the motor starts and runs according to the set time (the time of each operation is different, getting shorter and shorter), and stops as soon as the time is up.

Repeat this, when the last filter material is used up, the travel switch will act,PLCAfter receiving the signal, the buzzer sound and light alarm, reminding to replace the filter material.Nanjing ECO(Tel +86-13813931455(Wechat/WhatsApp))Ecolead In addition, passive dry contacts for motor fault and filter material alarm are reserved for remote connection monitoring.