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device name: bag in bag out (BIBO) high efficiency filter system

1.working conditions

Transport environment: temperature -20℃~+50℃, relative humidity: ≤90%

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working environment: temperature: 0℃~50°C ,Relative humidity: 90%

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2.1Description of function and purpose : Used for high-efficiency filtration in biosafety tertiary laboratories.

2.2.Applicable standards: The overall design of the system complies with the “General Requirements for Laboratory Biosafety” (GB 19489-2008)

2.3System composition: The exhaust air high-efficiency filtration system used in the biosafety three-level laboratory is composed of: zero-leakage biosafety airtight valve, high-efficiency filter box, high-efficiency filter, in-situ leak detection system, and in-situ disinfection equipment interface.

2.4Overall requirements: The high-efficiency filter adopts a plug-in non-partition filter. The outer frame of the filter is made of composite board, which is easy to incinerate.

Primary Efficiency Plate Filter