Automatic winding filter

May 18, 2019 Industry News 214 views

CHF series automatic roll filter, also known as automatic roll-up air filter, is based on the national standard atlas YJ4 automatic roll filter by Nanjing Yixiou engineers and technicians. After more than 10 years Long-term development and absorption of advanced control and transmission technology at home and abroad, multiple structural optimization designs for automatic rolling curtain filters, to maximize the effective filtering area, and a new type of modular air filtration equipment.

The CHF automatic winding air filter is a major breakthrough in the field of traditional air filters. It is an air dust removal device that converts the pressure difference before and after the filter into a sensing electrical signal and automatically replaces the filter material.

CHF automatic winding filters are widely used in sewage treatment plants, crystal electronics, power plants, coal mine ventilation and large air volume ventilation systems in the painting industry.

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