An equipment factory in Dalian completed the contract for explosion-proof automatic winding filter-ECOCPS.COM

An equipment factory in Dalian completed the contract for explosion-proof automatic winding filter

According to the air volume demand, hole size, filter type and other information provided by the customer, our company will provide drawings and product quotations on October 15, 2019. After the customer confirms, the drawings and quotations will be changed twice on the second day. After much communication and discussion between the two parties In the future, the official contract was finally signed on November 6, 2019.

The complete set of drawings and quotations includes 236 stainless steel frame plate filters, 456 bag filters, 136 activated carbon box filters, 3 automatic winding filters, and 6 explosion-proof automatic winding filters. The requested delivery date and delivery address, scheduled to ship in mid-December.

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