An environmental protection company in Juancheng, Shandong completes the contract for the purchase of an automatic winding filter-ECOCPS.COM

Project name: Fresh air treatment workshop of an environmental protection company in Juancheng, Shandong

Signing date: April 15, 2021

The automatic winding filter contract includes: equipment size 5025W*3300H (three sets spliced) 2 sets, 4000W*3100H (two sets splicing) 1 set, 8000W*2600H (four sets splicing) 3 sets, 4000W*3100H (two sets splicing) ) 3 sets, a total of 26 automatic winding filters.[email protected]” style=”width: 624px; height: 624px;” id=”img_insert_161948587916206879470955200762″ modifysize=”83%” diffpixels=”18px” scalingmode=”zoom”>

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Frame material of automatic winding filter: high-quality aluminum profile; box material: high-quality SUS304P; control system: automatic and manual control system; supporting differential pressure switch, motor, bottom bracket for some equipment, filter cotton: special G3/G4 for filter filter cotton.

working principle
It is mainly composed of filter material, filter material winding system and automatic control part. The new filter material is installed in the feeding box. When the intake air with high concentration of dust-laden air passes through the coiled filter, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter will gradually increase with the increase of dust filtering. When the filter resistance rises to the set final resistance value, the differential pressure switch starts to act, and the winding system updates the filter material. When the differential pressure decreases, the transmission stops. After the update of the filter material is completed, the filter is re-filtered.