An environmental protection company in Chengdu signed the contract for exporting 92 sets of coiled filters to Canada-ECOCPS.COM

An environmental protection company in Chengdu ordered 92 sets of coiled filters for export to Canada to complete the contract

On February 8, 2022, the first day of our company’s new year, an environmental protection company in Chengdu placed an order for 92 sets of coiled filters. The complete set of equipment was exported to Canada for filtration of air dust and foreign particles.

This project is the company’s third batch purchase. The remaining two are 39 sets in November 2018 and 230 sets in September 2019. Due to the global epidemic, this procurement cycle needs to be fully delivered before the beginning of March. After technical discussions between the two parties, it was agreed that on the basis of the previous design, the air volume of this equipment was designed to be 58800m³/h. It is equipped with all installation accessories, etc. In order to facilitate the transportation and installation of the customer terminal, the segmented packaging method is designed to save export containers and save customer costs.Automatic winding filter.png

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